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Electronic security seal device for containers.



E-LOCK GOLD: electronic security seals device for containers

For ove[cml_media_alt id='2128']elock-gold_6[/cml_media_alt]r 30years LeghornGroup has been dedicated to designing and producing mechanical security seals. The dynamic company has a rich and well cultured background in anti tampering systems and the best means to tackle and prevent tampering or pilferage to your goods.

LeghornGroup’s management team, aware of the importance of investing in projects that include electronic technology  have spent the last 10 years developing and expanding their current range of products. The latest products combine the traditional methods of mechanical tamper prevention with the most modern usage of IT .

LeghornGroup offers a complete range of electronic products across a varied international market. They combine the following qualities and intelligence: Italian inventive creativity, appreciated and famous the world over with electronic precision to produce unique and reliable security devices.

This longstanding union between tradition and innovation is the real value of “Made in Italy”.

[cml_media_alt id='2129']elock-gold_14[/cml_media_alt]E-LOCK GOLD can operate with a SIM card from any network provider that works on GSM penta band (this excludes Japan).

E-LOCK GOLD is a unique security device amongst the market place because is self –charging: It has an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB cable.

The battery life is sufficient for the e-LOCK GOLD  to send  1500 messages: included in this amount are those messages that are not received because the device may be in an area where there is little signal or network coverage.

The messages can be sent either  to a mobile device or (e.g mobile phone) or a  PC.

The e-Lock Gold sends a message in  real time to your mobile phone or PC 

E-LOCK GOLD FUNCTIONS[cml_media_alt id='2131']elock-gold_9[/cml_media_alt]

  1. e-LOCK GOLD sends an alert when the sealing pin is removed
  2. e-LOCK GOLD sends an alert when the cable is cut
  3. e-LOCK GOLD sends an alert when battery life is getting low
  4. e-LOCK GOLD sends an alert, (depending on product version) if removed from its support
  5. e-LOCK GOLD can provide it’s GPS positioning at timed intervals set by the user . This not only offers SECURITY  but makes the device an essential piece of LOGISTICS equipment. Vehicle  TRACKING can be managed with the optional service package, of the tracking site platform (
  6. Each time e-LOCK GOLD sends a message, it provides its ID number and its GPS coordinates. The ID number of each device is a 4 digit serial number imprinted in laser on the outer polycarbonate housing of the  device and on the internal chip. E-LOCK GOLD’s internal ID chip can be modified with users’ own ID number up to 8 digits. 


[cml_media_alt id='2130']elock-gold_10[/cml_media_alt]E-LOCK GOLD can be bolted directly on to the vehicle or container doors using a metal support (in this case it can be fitted with optional removal sensors if sends an alert if removed) alternatively with a magnetic plate ideal if the device needs to be removed and used on different vehicles.




[cml_media_alt id='2132']elock-gold_11[/cml_media_alt]The closure for the sealing pin of the e-LOCK GOLD has a 4 mm hole , designed for the user to be able to seal the device itself with a mechanical security seal.

E-LOCK GOLD can easily be sealed with a high security seal CABLE SEAL 3.5mm (964”) certified in accordance with ISO17712:2013.




Green LeghornGroup

[cml_media_alt id='2135']elock-gold_12[/cml_media_alt]Despite being extremely versatile plastic materials have the disadvantage of taking a  long period of time to breakdown, causing serious damage to the environment.

LeghornGroup is extremely careful about the environmental and social impact of the manufacturing process their products.Their modern production facilities allow LeghornGroup to carefully monitor the use of chemical additives,  especially formulated to speed up the process of the degradability of the e-lock gold’s plastic components.

The chemical additives to ease biogradability together with the resistant security features of the device render it environmentally friendly.

E-LOCK GOLD is an all round “security seal of the future”!




[cml_media_alt id='2134']e-lock_gold_new1[/cml_media_alt]Multi function button

e-LOCK GOLD has a button on the front housing to:

  • Check–up that the device is in working order after long periods of being unused;
  • Have a visual feedback on the closure function thanks to the LED light that will flash depending on the operations that the device is performing;
  • Send a message with its ID and GPS location.

e-LOCK GOLD and its components carry the CE mark

Applications and developments

Designed for fleet management  and transport security e-LOCK GOLD can be tailored to your particular requirements. From the housing to functional operations-completey managed in-house.

Once the device has been installed, the long life battery ensures that is operative for long periods of time. The device requires no servicing.




Delivery within 10 days