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Electronic Seal E-LOCK STANDARD

Reusable electronic seals.



Electronic Seal

The E-Lock is a new electronic seal device created for industrial and logistical use. Its main function is to monitor the access to the storing facility or the opening of the delivery van. The E-Lock is easy to install and use. It is the ideal solution for areas where frequent access is needed. The E-Lock shouldn’t be considered as an anti-theft system but rather a system that guarantees the “integrity” of the area it is protecting. It is a kind of reusable security seal. For even higher security the E-Lock can be used



Dimension: 106 x 156 x 38 mm
Weight: 810 g
Fixing: 4 M6 screws
Actuator: Mechanical life 1.000.000 cycle
Operative temperature: -20° C + 50° C
Storing temperature: -25° C + 80° C
Battery: Lithium Long life non rechargeable
Sealing: Special rubber for outdoor use
Case Material: Polycarbonate Waterproof
Vibration: Vibration resistant (withstand +/- x g)
Display: LED 5 Digit – Red – night readable
Cable: Inox aisi 316
Lock plug: Plug with spring lock
Safety: May be locked with other kind of security seal


E-LOCK: How it works

electronic seal e-lock standardE-LOCK: How it works
E-lock works in a very simple way:

Each time the pin is pulled out of the plug (1) a random number is generated by the E-Lock (2) which is shown on the display for a few seconds and then stored in the memory.electronic seal e-lock standard

By pushing the green button (3), the previously generated number appears on the display.

The product in use

A courier checks the integrity of the goods in the following way:
Once the goods have been loaded onto the truck at the loading bay, the E-lock’s wire cable must be passed through the gaps in the handles of the truck and then the pin is clicked into the lodge. By pushing the green button (3) a number appears on the display, which must in turn be recorded onto the transport documents.
Once the courier has arrived at his final destination with the cargo, he must push the green button again to generate the same number. If the number matches that on the documents then the cargo is intact, however if the numbers fail to match then the E-lock has been tampered with and the cargo must be verified.

Delivery within 10 days


brochures iconBrochure E-LOCK STANDARD 3052 B


Examples of use

electronic seal