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LeghornGroup, through its partners, is able to offer single core-wire or double core-wire nose clips for surgical masks to be used for Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency. The nose clip, suitable to be inserted in a special stitched or welded fold, improves the adherence of the mask to the profile of the nose and face. The nose clip is covered in white plastic resin. It comes wrapped in spools of continuous animated tape, with a metal core in galvanized iron of 0.45 mm or 0.60 mm of wire diameter.
The option of a metal double core-wire of 0.45 mm diameter per wire can be used to improve the hold of the fold when it is applied along the central part of the surgical mask. The spool format is ideal for feeding automatic machines. It is possible to buy LeghornGroup nose clips with a single 0.45 mm central iron core also as pre-cut pieces – already cut to size, suitable for manual application.

In addition to this accessory, LeghornGroup can also offer the super-soft round elastic cord used for ear loops in the production of surgical masks, safety masks, protective masks, dust masks and any similar product.
The elastic cord is available in two colors – white and black, and in 2 diameters: 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm.
Despite being very fine, it has great stretching power.
This tubular elastic is made with a certified yarn, therefore it is suitable to come into contact directly with the skin.
Our elastic cord for earloops has an extremely soft surface for increased comfort when using the mask.