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security seals

Established 1978, LeghornGroup srl is a manufacturer and supplier of security seals and security products for protecting assets. Specializing in applications for shipping and logistics. (Internet of things).Thanks to a wealth of experience and it’s in house design and production capabilities, LeghornGroup can provide a decisive and comprehensive response to every security related issue.

LeghornGroup has 8 sales offices and 3 manufacturing facilities of security seals both plastic and metal.

The company ranks first worldwide for the production of RFID security seals.

LeghornGroup is one of the most important European manufacturer of security seals. In particular, we produce high security seals (H.S.S.) compliant with ISO 17712:2013. Besides having passed all the procedures tests, these high security seals have undergone a series of attempts at tampering tests carried out by our specialized technicians. None of our seals can be tampered without leaving any evident sign of attempts at tampering.

The effectiveness of tamperproof seals is highly dependent on appropriate protocols for their use. With a good protocol in action, seals can provide excellent security, but on the other hand you have to be aware of its correct application.

New rfid security seals

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Our products

high security seals

high security seals

electronic seals

electronic seals

rfid e-seals

rfid e-seals

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cable seals

Introducing a new level of innovative security

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LeghornGroup can protect your goods and assets with security seals and various products for tamper protection. The company can create bespoke, technical solutions to meet client’s requirements.

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LeghornGroup ensures goods and people can be monitored using security products and integrated complete hardware and software solutions that allow the operator to monitor and intervene in real time, even remotely.

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LeghornGroup’s understanding of authentication along with their innovative technical products and solutions allow users to uniquely and securely identify, goods, vehicles, containers, animals and people.

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LeghornGroup’s real time GPS tracking devices allow users to monitor location, status and movements of vehicles and people.

What are security seals, anyway?

Security seals are commonly used to protect containers, trucks, chemical drums, airline duty-free carts, tanks with different types of fluids, fashion items sold online, utility meters, bags, access control, money, valuables in transit, that is to say for all human activities that need to be controlled to prevent tampering.

To sum up, security seals are widely used are widely used to help fight robbery, sabotage, vandalism, terrorism and contraband.

security seals for every application

ISO Certified
  • ISO 17712-2013 Certificate
  • Clause 6 certificate inserted in ISO 17712-2013
  • ISO 9001 Certified
Green LeghornGroup

LeghornGroup manufacturers 100% recyclable plastic seals. Furthermore, it offers BIODEGRADABLE plastic seals. We ask our suppliers to use strictly certified raw materials.