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LeghornGroup advanced platform
for real time identification and monitoring

tracking platform

Fleet tracking solution helps businesses track their vehicles and check all the unauthorized access to goods in real time also by generating valuable reports about their assets.

LeghornGroup tracking platform has been designed to collect data throughout the use of electronic reusable locks and trackers to:

  • Monitor goods and vehicles.
  • Improve on-time delivery performance.
  • Prevent supply chain delays.
The solution to:
  • Guarantee the cargo security at all times and in all conditions.
  • Optimise logistics and fleet transport operations.
  • Control unit location on the map.
  • Monitor speed, fuel level, temperature, and other parameters.
  • Manage units (via commands) and drivers (via chat and assignments).
  • Get unit activity notifications.
  • Create geofences and control unit activity inside and outside them.
  • Track the unit movements along a given route.
  • Obtain analytics in reports (tables, diagrams, statistics).
In order to avoid:
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Unauthrized access to goods and inventory shrinkage
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Vehicle inefficient use
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Lack of driver discipline
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Lack or absence of unit-related info


Your clients access the system from anywhere.

The operating system doesn’t matter: whether you use MacOS, Linux or Windows, launch a browser to start tracking.

Use your smart devices: we offer a native mobile app to start tracking on a smartphone or tablet.

Track events by SMS and email: notification describe in details what’s happening with your assets.

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LeghornGroup advanced platform for real time identification and monitoring is suitable to be used with all kind of trackers and electronic reusable locks – eLOCKS – and trackers.

are currently compatible with it


Our solution lets you know where, when, and what task your machines are working on.

Monitoring of openings and closure of the doors of the means of transport:

alerting in real time of any opening and closure activity and attempts at tampering.

Monitoring of the vehicle route:

real-time vehicle tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency.

Monitoring of driving and operations tasks:

with LeghornGroup tracking platform, online GPS transport and field employee monitoring not only optimizes your expenses but also improves driver discipline.


guaranteed fleet control.

To control unit location on the map:

Real-time tracking


Travel history

Vehicle status

Monitor speed, fuel level, temperature and other parameters

Average consumption and fuel levele

Driving style

Consumption report

Refueling reporting

Fuel shortage detection

Create geofences and control unit activity

geo fence platform tracking
  • Be notified on any events taking place within geofenced areas
  • Control unit performance inside or outside geofences
  • Check route performance by using geofences as checkpoints
  • Benefit from dynamically updated images, screenshots etc.
The platform offers the capability for a complete analytics in reports
(tables, diagrams, statistics):
  • Report queries
  • Study reports online, get scheduled and event-based reports or execute them in one click from the monitoring panel
  • Handy data management
  • Use multi-level grouping, sorting, detalization mode, interval filtration and time limitations for data display
  • Informative charts
  • Study charts with auto-scaling, zoom, single/multiple axes view, message points tracing; add backgrounds, event markers, and different line colors
  • Mapping options
  • Take advantage of a scalable map featuring event markers, geofences, units, and tracks with the option to attach it to a report
  • Precise information: enjoy precise addresses, statistics, and information on 300+ monitoring parameters
No challange is too challenging!
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