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Electronic reusable security seal e-LOCK STANDARD

Electronic reusable security seal



Electronic reusable security seal

Electronic reusable security seal, entry-level product of the electronic locks family manufactured by LeghornGroup, e-LOCK STANDARD announces the unauthorized opening of the truck / container by generating a random number, which must be the same before and after the delivery of the cargo.
As soon as the seal is locked, it automatically generates a unique number that can be reported into the cargo documentation. As long as the display shows the same number when the cargo arrives, one can be sure that the seal was not unlocked during the trip. If several stops are made during the journey, a new unique number is generated every time.

e-LOCK STANDARD contributes to prevent internal theft and fraud along the entire supply chain, at a very competitive price.

How e-LOCK STANDARD works?

e-LOCK STANDARD works in a very simple way: each time the pin is pulled out of the plug (1) a random number is generated by the e-Lock (2) which is shown on the display for a few seconds and then stored in the internal device memory.electronic seal e-lock standardelectronic seal e-lock standard

  • By pushing the green button (3), the previously generated number appears on the display.
  • The device can be mounted either by screwing it in place or securing it by a magnetic plate.



  •  Dimension: 106×156×38 mm
  •  Weight: 810 gr
  •  Fixing: 4 M6 screws
  •  Actuator: Mechanical life 1.000.000 cycle
  •  Operative temperature: -20°C – 50°C
  •  Storing temperature: -25°C – 80°C
  •  Battery: Lithium Long life non rechargeable
  •  Waterproof: IP66 equivalent
  •  Sealing: Special rubber for outdoor use
  •  Case Material: Shock-resistant Polycarbonate
  •  Vibration: Vibration resistant
  •  Display: LED 5 Digit – Red – readable in direct exposure to light and at night
  •  Cable pin: Inox AISI 316
  •  Lock plug: Plug with spring lock
  •  Security: May be locked with other kind of security seal


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Examples of use

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