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GPS Detector

Automatic GSM/GPS device



GPS Detector is an electronic security device capable of automatic warning and communicating its position in real time at programmed time intervals, thanks to its GPS positioning and GSM communication capabilities.
Specifically designed for traceability of demountable bodies, rental equipment or in all those situations where you need to monitor targets in harsh environments and for long periods.
GPS Detector allows you to check and track your assets in a simple and safe way.

With GPS Detector you cannot lose your equipment!



GPS Detector

  • communicates its position to PC or mobile phone, with coordinates in latitude and longitude
  • warns you in case of low battery
  • is equipped with an anti-detachment safety sensor: if the device is removed it automatically sends an alarm message with its position.
  • has internal memory to store information – Data security is guaranteed by a security password
  • works stand alone for long periods without the need to recharge or replace the internal battery (1450 work cycles)
  • does not require any type of maintenance or assistance
  • Easy to install


Temperature range from –40°C to 85°C
Dimensions 106×156×38 mm
Weight 720 g
Housing in water resistant polycarbonate
Mounting systems with screws or magnets.

Examples of use

electronic seal gps detector examples of use

electronic seal gps detector examples of use

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