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Truck Security Seal

LeghornGroup manufactures and supplies a wide range of tamper evident products and system to protect and identify goods.

We produce in particular different types of security seals for trucks:

  • Plastic security seals for trucks
  • Metal security seals for trucks
  • RFID security seals for trucks 

It is really important to seal the doors of a truck with high-quality security seals in order that any attempt at tampering will be evident.

A truck security seal points out any tampering attempt or unauthorized access during freight transport.

Thanks to their special features, truck security seals show whether a means of transport has already been opened and make unauthorized access visible and evident.

During the roadsides checks by the authorised authority and after the truck has been inspected, it is mandatory to apply once again a new security seal for trucks on the doors of the means of transport.

In case that sturdy security seals for trucks are needed, we can propose cableseals with different cable diameter from 1,5mm to 5mm. 
They are very reliable seals and if properly closed, they do not give any possibility of tampering.
A cutting tool is required for removal.


  • LASER print
  • Consequential numbering up to 15 digits
  • Possibility of barcode
  • Customization up to 20 characters on one line
  • The customer’s logo can be produced on request

500 pieces per carton
Carton size: 30 × 28 × 15cm
Carton weight: 8.6 kg

Truck security seals:
Electronic reusable device

The highest truck security is achieved with eLOCK GOLD, an electronic reusable device that offers:
Real time alerting and recording of any access to the goods transported or stored: opening, closing or tampering (device ID, type of event, date and time).

E LOCK: Electronic security seal and LeghornGroup web platform.

Used together a web-based èlatform for fleet tracking and management, it is a powerful tool to monitor vehicles and goods.

Seals for trucks: with “Fast delivery service”.

LeghornGroup has set up a Fast Delivery transport service within Europe for all the mentioned seals.

We are able to satisfy all the customised seals requests within 48/72 hours from purchase order receipt and with delivery scheduled within one week..

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